Li Sheng Kong, MD

Dr Li Sheng Kong | Vascular Specialist Thousand Oaks CA
Dr. Kong partnered with Dr. Skillern to form West Coast Vascular.

Dr. Kong is a highly trained vascular surgeon with advanced endovascular skills. Dr. Kong received a Bachelor of Arts from John Hopkins University and Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Tennessee. Prior to completing his vascular and endovascular fellowship at Emory University he completed his General Surgery Residency at Tulane University School of Medicine. Belonging to the American College of Surgeons, Eastern Vascular Society, and Society of Vascular Surgery, Dr. Kong has written over one dozen manuscripts in endovascular procedures.

In addition, he has helped to build programs that reflect ongoing changes in the treatment of vascular disease, such as minimally invasive stent grafts for thoracic aneurysms, carotid stenting, and advanced venous therapy.

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Types of wounds frequently seen at Southern California Wound Healing Center:

Diabetic neuropathy
Pressure ulcers
Radionecrosis ulcers
Arterial insufficiency ulcers
Venous stasis
Peripheral vascular disease
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